Sculling expert comes to RowingChat

Troy Howell

If sculling is your thing, then this week’s RowingChat is a must-attend.

Troy Howell of Craftsbury Sculling Center will be our guest.  Get your tickets here for  Sept 27/28th. 

Troy Howell began rowing as a walk-on at the University of Virginia in the fall of 1987, and has not left the boathouse ever Troy Howellsince.  His coaching experience began in the summer of 1991 at the Rivanna Rowing Club, which rows out of the Virginia Rowing Association’s boathouse.  After graduation, he spent a year coaching the freshman men’s crew at Wichita State University and several summers at the Duluth Rowing Club in Minnesota.  He had done some sculling at UVa, but it was in Duluth that his real commitment to rowing and coaching small boats began.  From 1993-2008, he taught history and English at the Episcopal School of Dallas and coached both the boys and girls crews there.  Texas scholastic rowing at that time was all sculling, which is a bit of an anomaly in the U.S., and the experience strengthened his conviction that early exposure to small boats rowing is invaluable for all rowers and scullers.  In 2009, Troy and his wife Kimberly moved to Craftsbury Vermont to work year-round at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, where he had been coaching seasonally for several summers.  In 2014 he became Managing Director of Sculling Programs at Craftsbury.  Craftsbury has multiple programs for sculling, including both camps that are open to all as well as development programs for both U23 and Senior Worlds level athletes (SBTC and GRP, respectively).  Troy’s current obsessions as a coach include finding ways to learn things from other sports that will benefit the quest for mastery of sculling and most importantly exploring more effective means of training the nervous system to optimize both performance and enjoyment of the sport.

UK (GMT) –September 27th 8:00 PM
USA/Canada (PST) – September 27th 12:00 Noon
USA/Canada (EST) – September 27th 3:00  PM
NZ (NZST) – September 28th 7:00 AM
Australia (AEST) – September 28th 5:00 AM

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