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RowingChat – can we have college coaches interviewed?

We got this feedback from a listener to the RowingChat podcast Many thanks for your enjoyable podcast, especially for … read more

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We got this feedback from a listener to the RowingChat podcast

Many thanks for your enjoyable podcast, especially for the recent improvements in the recording quality.

You mentioned at the end of the podcasts that you’d appreciate feedback.  It’s free and clearly a lot of work, so I’m reluctant to sound like I am complaining rather than trying to contribute, but I’ll try.

First, the audio was getting to the point where it was hard to listen.  I have no idea what’s involved.  But I’ve been listening to podcast for 10+ years and the audio on this, until the last program, was extremely uneven.  I am on radio periodically for my day job and have encountered many different ways around not having a studio.  The latest: the interviewee simultaneously recording a file and then sending that in, which is edited.  Sounds as good as if the person had been in the studio.  But I imagine that’s a lot of work.  Again, the last Skype quality was good, though in the past I frequently heard someone doing something like typing and/or scribbling/writing (sounds like a pencil), which was very distracting.  Students are obsessed with “internships” (free labor) these days.  Perhaps one or two could help.  You might also have them record this way as a backup, in case the Skype quality is no good.  I’m sure good answers are out there.

Second, the format.  Frankly, I like the questions you ask!  I think it’s great to solicit questions from the audience.  But if you try to get to many of those, it makes the interview more choppy, as you seem more distracted (getting ready for next question) rather than asking follow ups.

Third, topics.  I wish I could find more information on how rowers (or any athletes) deal with injuries and the process of getting back to rowing. I’ve read every rowing book and many sports books looking for good material on this and have never found the topic covered at all or very well.  The few times I’ve been injured, I found the mental aspects almost as challenging as figuring out how much I can do and when I can do it.  But, again, your podcast, so I’m happy to listen to your issues.

Fourth, people.  If you run out of people, have good coaches back! Can’t recall if you have had Gordon Hamilton on.  I’d also be curious to hear from a top college coach.

Our response

Regarding the audio quality – I’m aware of the separate recording overlay fix you mention – my issue is that the interviewees are rarely set up to facilitate that. But really pleased the quality improved in the last episodes. We made one change to how we did that one. We switched from Google Hangouts to YouTube Live Streaming Events. I’m delighted it came out well.

Topics – we did an injury prevention episode as part of the Strength Coach RoundTable Injury Prevention
Did you miss it?

College rowing coaches we’ve had aplenty on the show – listen to

And yes we can ask the good ones back for a second run…. there’s never a shortage of good names, pinning them down to a date is usually my challenge. Next up is Troy Howell of Craftsbury Sculling Centre who wrote the excellent Ease and Comfort in the Boat ebook which we sell.

Achieving Ease and Comfort in the Boat by Troy HowellTroy Howell of Craftsbury Sculling Center’s book

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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