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Rowperfect RP3 famous users

We got a question from a reader “Who are the world famous rowers and coaches using RP3?  I … read more

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We got a question from a reader

“Who are the world famous rowers and coaches using RP3?  I need to persuade my colleague coaches that this is an internationally recognised rowing machine.”

Famous Rowers using Rowperfect and RP3

  • Mahe Drysdale NZ1x Olympic and multiple world champion
  • Emma Twigg NZ W1x World Champion 2014
  • Dutch Mens 4- World Champions 2013
  • Martin and Valent Sinkovic, Croatia 2x Wold Champions 2014
  • Vincent & Tycho Muda, Holland LM2x
  • Kim Crowe, Australia W1x Silver medal Worlds 2014

Alan Campbell (Olympic Bronze 1x), Zoe Lee, GB Rowing

USA heavy mens 4- Olympic Bronze 2012

National Federations owning RP3

  • Canada Rowing have 2 Rowperfects
  • Harvard University have 4 RP3
  • Ireland Rowing have 6 RP3
  • Danish Rowing have 4 RP3

Netherlands Rowing have 8 RP3

France Rowing (U23 squad) have 2 RP3
Hong Kong sports centre have 10 RP3

Emma Twigg using RP3

Hong Kong Sports Institute 10 RP3 machines

Harvard Rowing 4 new RP3

Kim Crowe, Australia W1x on RP3

Valent Martin Sinkovic, Croatia training on RP3

Valent, Martin Sinkovic RP3 with monitor

Vincent Muda and Tycho Muda Netherlands LM2x using RP3

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