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AUGLETICS Virtual Coach – The heart of our indoor rowers!

Let’s have a look what’s so special about our Virtual Coach! It’s the heart of our AUGLETICS Eight … read more

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Let’s have a look what’s so special about our Virtual Coach! It’s the heart of our AUGLETICS Eight and AUGLETICS Eight Style indoor rower.

Let’s have a look what your coach on board looks like and how it works exactly!

AUGLETICS Virtual Coach – Start Screen


Row through London, Paris or Berlin!

You can choose several options for your training. We also think your training shouldn’t only be “sweating at home” but also fun. So we included the option to row through Berlin, Paris and London. Let’s try a tour through London!

Map of London

Here we can see, the map of London, with your virtual boat on the Thames. But that doesn’t look too nice here?

Satellite Map

You can switch the simple GPS map to a satellite version. Which directly looks way better and isn’t it fun to row along your favourite landmarks, if you can actually see them? You will even see other rowers on the same route, so let’s have a race!

AUGLETICS Virtual Coach – Heart rate screen

We all know to workout in a healthy way it’s best to look at heart. That’s why we included an option to connect different fitness trackers, so you can monitor your heart rate while you sprint or take a little resting phase.

Instructions by your Virtual Coach

New with rowing? Or want to learn how to improve? Listen to our Virtual Coach that gives you all the instructions you need!

AUGLETICS Virtual Coach – Stats

Have your stats always in front of you, to check the distance you covered, the time you spend, and the strokes you’ve done!

Finished? Let’s have a look at your stats!

After workout overview

Finished with your workout? Let’s have a closer look at what you achieved! You can see the duration of your workout, the number of strokes, burnt calories, strokes per hour and your length of your tour on your virtual boat.

AUGLETICS Virtual Coach – Workout History

And the best thing about your workout overview? You can even look at your personal progress. See how your heart rate improves over time, how the distance you covered is enhancing by every workout you do!

AUGLETICS Virtual Coach – Your coach always on board. The Virtual Coach – the heart of our AUGLETICS Eight and AUGLETICS Eight Style indoor rower.

Interested in working out with our AUGLETICS Virtual Coach? Look at our AUGLETICS Eight and AUGLETICS Eight Style!


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