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AUGLETICS Rowing machines: Customer reviews – Part 2

We asked around for you why rowers and non-rowers are so enthusiastic when they talk about our AUGLETICS rowing … read more

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We asked around for you why rowers and non-rowers are so enthusiastic when they talk about our AUGLETICS rowing machines! Read the customer reviews here!

A review by Martina Leucht

I own my AUGLETICS Eight rowing machine for about 2 years now. What can I say, it’s just a dream and I’m still looking forward for my training every single day.

AUGLETICS Rowing machines: Customer reviews - Part 2
AUGLETICS Rowing machines: Customer reviews – Part 2

Why do I love it so much? Well, that’s very easy to explain, on the one hand it’s the incredible design, which looks amazing in every apartment, house, etc. And because it’s such a beautiful product it makes it easier to conquer ones weaker self!

This Ergo didn’t get stuck in the 80’s like so many others! 

On the other hand it is of course the screen, and it’s not just about the color and the touchscreen. No, it’s much more than that. The AUGLETICS rowing machines didn’t get stuck in the 80’s with a black on gray screen. Say goodbye to those old school black and white numbers that show how far you got in a workout. The AUGLETICS screen allows you to have a satellite view of your digital rowing boat in your living room. You can choose between 3 cities: Berlin / Spree, London / Thames or Paris / Seine. And because this great rowing machine was developed and designed by rowers, it naturally meets all requirements from beginners to professionals.

The Virtual Coach- the silent winner of the AUGLETICS rowing machines

And now to the highlight of the rowing machine – the coach. You can set the coach to be clearly visible on the screen or as a smaller pop-up in the top right, so you can see the river and even other friends, who you can see rowing on the river during the same time as you do. So you can follow your friends or even race among each other in a very uncomplicated way. No other tool or laptop is required for this, as it is the case with other ergos.

Why is the coach so important though? Simply put, not everyone has a rowing club in their area, but would like to learn the right technique, because you don’t want to suffer from secondary symptoms due to incorrect use. The coach is simply unbeatable for that. It notices the smallest mistake and shows it immediately. It is therefore a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t have too much experience with rowing but wants to learn the sport. No gym or PT necessary. The coach helps always and even if you are a (semi-)professional it still helps to stay focussed and get the best result. No other rowing machine has your own PT on board.

For me, it was one of the best decisions in my life!

Even when you are working out, the ergo is quiet. There are no loud air whirling noises, so don’t even disturb your neighbours.  My neighbours, for example, have never heard anything.

So for me, the acquisition of the machine is basically a dream coming true in every aspect – from the design, to the way of workouts and the health aspects. For me personally, it was one of the best decisions in my life and it gave me a whole new aspect of life. I can truly recommend it to everyone.

Another important aspect to think about in today’s world is the AUGLETICS company itself. It is based in Berlin, produces in Germany and the team is basically always available. They are always ready to help with questions or problems and try to solve them as quickly as possible. I don’t know any company, especially those based abroad, of which you can say that. Normally it takes days until an email is finally answered, etc. Also, if you look at it from the environmental side, it’s locally handcrafted and only leaves a small fingerprint.

To make it short: I would always decide on buying an AUGLETICS Eight again!

We asked around for you why rowers and non-rowers are so enthusiastic when they talk about our AUGLETICS rowing machines! There will be more reviews next week!


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