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Today we are starting our search for rowing coaches, club administrators, coxswains and athletes who want to give … read more

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Today we are starting our search for rowing coaches, club administrators, coxswains and athletes who want to give back, to share their expertise with others in the sport.

We plan to add your services to our shop where anyone who wants to buy some advice, support, coaching, a training plan or just plain encouragement, can come and learn from others.

The new section is called Remote Coaching and we have two offers listed – Raf Wyatt doing email advice and Duncan Holland doing Skype coaching.

Would you like to coach others?  Face to face or from a distance by email or skype.

Have you got expertise and are willing to share?

Join our remote rowing coach list

Send us

  1. Your name, city/country and personal contact (email, phone, skype)
  2. What your track record in the sport is (how long, where, what you did / won / learned)
  3. What sort of advice can you offer (coxing, coaching the coach, sweep, sculling, adaptive, lightweights, juniors, masters)
  4. Anything else (languages spoken, specialisms, psychology, core strength and conditioning, race tactics, ergo programmes, umpiring)

We will have a private discussion with you about pricing and our terms of service.

You do not have to charge money, you set the terms, manage the engagement with the purchaser and it’s up to you to deliver.  Rowperfect will not guarantee or warranty your advice in any way.  So the quality control is yours.

We know there is a huge number of people who want their rowing questions answered – who want to find a different path, or need a training programme or tips on drills and exercises.

This is your chance to join the global marketplace.

Watch this space!

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

4 thoughts on “Rowperfect needs rowing coaches

  1. Dear Becky,
    Sounds like avery interesting project as I am the Coach Representative for the Wessex Region, sitting on the BR National Coaching Committee.

    I have jutst embarlked on a project for the region to establish a Coach Network to improve communications and ensure courses are available to suit individual needs.

    It is early days but I am hoping that contacting Club Chairman to provide me with names so that I can make direct contact with coaches both BR qualified and non qualified.

    Possibly there could be areas of mutual benefit
    Mike Green.
    Mobile: 07940386272

  2. Mike that sounds like an admirable project. If you’d like to mention this to all your Wessex coaches it could help them get coaching for themselves (I think coaching the coach is a big missing link).

    Would love to collaborate. I will try to give you a ring.


  3. I tried to get in and it says that it can not read the website
    I am interested in joining your effort. I have coached junior men and women and masters men and women. I am presently ciaching in Tampa FLORIDA at a girls high school. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I rowed in Cuba and have rowed masters for many years achieving several championships in sculling and sweep

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