RowingChat: Mark O’Donovan, Irish International Rower

Irish international rower, Mark shares insight into how a professional rowing team is run and his personal strength and conditioning advice for rowing and sculling.
06.00 Mark’s blog
07:00 Developing large muscle groups
10:00 Bench press for developing rowers’ arms
14:00 Clue and the art of coaching
17:00 Training Zones UT2 and UT3
20:00 Testing heart rate zones protocol
23:00 Irish Squad using heart rates for training
25:00 Mental training for novices
30:00 Visualisation training
33:00 Mark’s personal journey to Rio Olympics
38:00 Irish national team
43:00 How to keep athletes rowing after University
45:00 Chances of Irish crews in the Olympics
48:00 What is trending as new to enhance performance

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