RowingChat: at Craftsbury Sculling Center


This month we welcome back two previous RowingChat guests who are both expert sculling coaches.  Together they’re coaching at the world famous Craftsbury Sculling Center in Vermont, USA.

Our focus will be around rowing and sculling camps,

  • The Benefits of going on camp,
  • Coaching people who row for other clubs and in other programmes,
  • How to structure a training camp day by day for maximum impact.

Troy Howell:

Troy Howell Troy Howell

Troy has been at the Outdoor Center since 2007, first as a coach, then as Fleet Manager from 2009-2014, when he became Director of Sculling Programs upon Norm Graf’s retirement. Troy has been coaching rowing and sculling continuously since 1991, in varied settings from the Rivanna Rowing Club, Wichita State University, Duluth Rowing Club, Episcopal School of Dallas, Middlebury College, and here at Craftsbury.

In addition to managing our sculling camps, Troy also spends part of his year as one of the coaches of our resident athletes in the SBTC and GRP programs and works to ensure that our sculling programs complement one another and are consistent with the Outdoor Center’s mission and philosophy. Despite being an introvert and intermittent misanthrope, he is also really funny, if you can manage to wrestle a smile out of him.

Marlene Royle :

Marlene Royle Marlene Royle

Marlene believes most technical flaws can be corrected with an understanding of the dynamics of the boat, correct orientation within the boat, and by “thinking in the direction of the boat”. This is evident in the way she runs her “training camp” style Roylerow coaching sessions.

A Masters Specialist

Marlene Royle was among the first coaches dedicated to masters rowing. Marlene’s coaching career began in 1982 with the Boston University Summer Recreational Rowing Program, a community sweep program on the Charles River. From 1986 to 2005, Marlene coached at the Craftsbury Sculling Center in Vermont and was the associate director for three years. From 2005 to 2009, Marlene was the head coach at the Florida Rowing Center in Wellington, Florida. In 2013 Marlene was the runner up for the USRowing Choice Awards Masters Coach of the Year.

In 1999, Marlene founded Roylerow Performance Training Programs to individually train rowers designing workouts and communicating via email. was the first online coaching service for rowing.

A testament to her expertise, masters boats who had trained under Marlene’s tutelage amassed a plethora of medals, including: 6 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze at the 2015 51st Head of the Charles and 39 Gold medals from 120 events at the USRowing Masters Nationals 2015.

Join RowingChat with Marlene & Troy live on YouTube

Follow this link to watch RowingChat live

  • Monday 18th September @ 7:30 pm London, UK time.
  • Monday 18th September @ 2:30 pm EST
  • Monday 18th September @ 11:30 am PST
  • Tuesday 19th September @ 6:30 am New Zealand time.
  • Tuesday 19th September @ 4:30 am Melbourne time.

Troy and Marlene are both authors published with Rowperfect.  Find their ebooks and blog posts published online Troy Howell and Marlene Royle. 


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