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Take That

The ‘Take That’ lads are back with Robbie Williams in their new single ‘The Flood’. The video features … read more

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The ‘Take That’ lads are back with Robbie Williams in their new single ‘The Flood’. The video features the five members of the band dressed in a traditional full white oarsmen costume-much like the ones that Cambridge and Oxford teams used to wear bearing the ‘Take That’ crest. The boys are shown using a custom designed sculling boat, especially to accommodate a fifth member, whilst racing against another group of younger crew. Although losing the race, the group continue going past the finish line and row down the River Thames and finally disappear into the stormy sea.

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I am told there was a barge that pushed the singer’s boat along while they rowed in order for the two crews’ speeds to be roughly matched!  And you can clearly see their bow plunging deep into the water in one of the side by side shots!

Ignoring the unusual boats and subtle lack of skill and technique, in rowing, the song track has been shot beautifully and the photography across various reaches of the Thames seems excellent. The music might seem a bit repetitive but however delivers that pleasant frisson.  And the “real” rowers who do the long distance shots must have had a ton of fun rowing through the Thames Barrier!

We very much hope that the video will bring rowing the unaccustomed popularity where the clubs can use this as a real opportunity to draw youngsters into the sport and make them experience how enjoyable it actually is.

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