Reader’s views about the BR constitution changes

Rowperfect did a quick ‘straw poll’ of reader’s views about the British Rowing constitution changes

  • most BR members don’t know whether Clubs and Events currently have a vote
  • most BR members are members a) via the tax on club membership headcount and b) for a racing licence – otherwise would not join BR
  • most BR members don’t even attend their own club AGMs and so voting / not voting isn’t a priority
  • most people don’t know who votes now, most don’t know who Div Rep is, most don’t know how to have a say!
  • recent changes to Board were seen as removing people who know rowing from the picture
  • BR HQ seems now very short on rowers / people who know the sport – a lot of what used to be done has been ‘centralised’ (individual events on social media all under BR general now)‎ – we used to be a sport run professionally by volunteers
  • Members are most upset over redundancies for regional coaches like Perse Thompson and Rob Cree.
  • With the proscribed changes and the shaky introduction of the new points system the Communications team at HQ need to get out of Hammersmith and listen / consult – let’s hope the recent membership survey shows them that!

Any other views out there?  Add to the comments please.

2 thoughts on “Reader’s views about the BR constitution changes

  1. Mike James says:

    British Rowing is currently not British but English. It should be British and encompass Welsh, and Scottish Rowing as well as affiliations with all Sea Rowing organisations in Britain after all they conform to BR’s coaching systems. Currently if a member of BR wants to sea row in Wales then one has to become a member for insurance purposes and if a club wants to sea row then they have to be affiliated. 2 membership fees and 2 affiliation fees, this cannot be right.

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Thanks Mike. Good points. The same applies to Cambridge where there are a lot of locally run races on the River Cam which only require membership of a club within the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association (which is open to any club). So many folks choose not to become BR members.

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