Roku Rowing Channel

For ‘cord cutters’, the Roku streaming device is an indispensable way of saving on the cost of cable television. Roku is the leader in the streaming device industry with a 23% share of the market. That translates to 38.9 million viewers consuming video content on the Roku platform (Roku, Google, Amazon close in streaming viewership – Talking Tech, USA Today, July 31, 2017).

Until recently, rowing content was not available on Roku. The Roku Rowing Channel was launched on June 4th, 2017 and provides FREE rowing content. The content includes instruction, documentaries, podcasts from Rowperfect, races, and more. Content providers including Rowperfect UK, World Rowing, Aram Training, Resolute racing, Coxed Single, and others have graciously agreed to share their rowing content. This means that viewers from around the world can now easily consume rowing content on their televisions with a
connected Roku device.

For a channel preview, please visit For more information, or, to share your rowing content, please visit

Michael Harnad
Roku Rowing Channel.

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