How To Design Your Diet For The Big Day (Part 1 – Pre-race Day Preparations)


Rowing races can be undoubtedly challenging, as they tend to be typically 5-7 Min., but high in intensity. And it is not only about rowing. The same applies for kayaking, dragon boaters and canoes.

The good news is there are basic tenets of healthy dieting for rowers you can apply before you fuel up for race day, so you can finish like a champ.

Short intense 500 m work: Dragon boaters in Germany

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the human body stores only enough carbohydrate in the blood, muscles, and liver in form of glycogen.

This can go for about 20 miles of running, especially for spirited boating or rowing races, which means if you run out of fuel, you might crash.

How to get properly fueled?

So what’s the solution to making sure you’re properly fueled up for race day? Proper race training is essential as this teaches your body to conserve energy and spend it wisely. Also, combining carb-loading prior to and during the race boosts the available fuel and carbohydrate stores so you can finish strong.

We did the legwork and discovered a few boat race day nutrition tips and tricks to help you design your diet ahead of a great performance on the track.

Pre-Race Day Preparations

Rowers, Dragon Boaters, Kayakers – Easy food preparation for your race day

Racing in watersport requires both hard effort and energy, and the fuel you take into your body is that energy so you want to have enough of it in your system before the race itself.

  • Eat foods that will sit well with your body. While you may be dying to try out a new spicy recipe or meal at the restaurant around the corner, this can wait for another time – not before or during the race.

Pre-race day is also the time to hydrate your body properly as you prepare for what’s ahead.

  • Load up on your carbs and top up your body’s glycogen supplies as this is the main energy source your body will use during the race. Similarly, include more antioxidant foods in your diet like fruits and veggies that offer vitamin C and vitamin K.

The daily dietary guideline for daily carbohydrate intake for competitive rowing athletes is 22.7 calories per pound of body weight for males, and 20-23 calories per pound of weight for females.

A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that only 12 percent of the more than 250 runners the researchers followed consumed enough carbs before the race. Those that did this ran 13.4 percent faster on average.

  • On the night before the race, you can have a simple rice or pasta-based dish, with some fish, egg, chicken, or meat, and vegetables. Be sure to cook it thoroughly to avoid extreme eventualities like food poisoning.
  • You can also consider a combination like garlic bread with spaghetti bolognese, followed with some banana and custard, or plain yogurt with some granola topping and honey.

Author: Jenny Travens is a creative writer who has many passions and interests. Health and wellness is one area where she likes to contribute as much as she can. She is associated with Superfoodsliving since long.


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