Pushing off the dock in rowing – one oar in the gate

Rowing push off dock

Stuart Harrison reports

Rowing push off dock
Rowing push off dock

Way back in 1994 at the World Masters Titles in Brisbane; there were two Hungarian Lassies rowing a double. They did the standing push off the dock – but different from any other crew I’ve ever seen.

The standing push off.

One oar in the gate, one oar in the air, one foot in the boat and push off.

While standing they would put the other oar in the gate and use their push off leg to balance themselves. Then when the oar is secure, they would sit down together.

Word soon got around the regatta and it was on everyone lips “when are they rowing next”.  Anyone and everyone would be lined up to watch them push off.

It was their sense of balance and timing. It was like watching a well rehearsed ballet. Simply amazing.

In 40 years of rowing I have never seen anyone repeat the feat these two ladies did every time they launched their boat.

4 thoughts on “Pushing off the dock in rowing – one oar in the gate

  1. Kate de Freitas says:

    We saw a similar thing when we did a rowing camp at the place where the Roumanian national team train. Everybody was totally in sync as you say like a ballet and never any talking!! It was mesmerising to watch.

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Any chance you took a photo or some video? Seems some folks would like to try it out for themselves….. [cue swimming jokes].

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