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Using a Container for Rowing Boats

Prairie Fire rowing club Can you help the Prairie Fire Rowing club with some research? They want to … read more

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Prairie Fire rowing club Prairie Fire rowing club

Can you help the Prairie Fire Rowing club with some research?

They want to know if anyone is using shipping containers for boat storage

Shipping Containers for Rowing Boats

What are the advantages or disadvantages. Help Canadian club Prairie Fire make choices for boat storage.

Our club in Canada needs to find some new boat storage solutions. Does anyone know of clubs that use shipping containers?

Please either comment below or email And just for fun I am sharing our club logo!

This discussion started on the Masters Rowing International Facebook Group.

Update 06 September 2018.

Here are more photos supplied by readers of their container racking solutions for rowing and canoes. some use wood framing, others rest oars on the floor, one has a fenced, locked compound between two containers for trailer boat storage.

rowing boat storage, container boat Storing learn to row boats on the floor (they stack one above the other).

rowing boat storage, container storage for boats, Compound storage with rowing boat trailer between two shipping containers.

kayak storage, shipping container kayak store Kayak storage in shipping container. Horizontal wood racks and a plastic barrel for paddles

Rowperfect’s commercial…..If you are short of boat and oar storage space, why not buy Space Saver Oar Hanging Racks?

oar hanging rack, rowing oar, space saver racks, Compact hanging space for oars and sculls

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

5 thoughts on “Using a Container for Rowing Boats

  1. We use shipping containers mostly for storage of the equipment and it fills up quickly. It can be used for smaller boats depending on the size of the container. We hang one single in the off season. The containers r not too wide so it would be difficult for larger boats

  2. Hi
    Taunton Rowing Club used shipping containers for the first four years of the club. We used 40′ container for the storage of single sculls on both sides with a central aisle. The boats were supported on simple metal gallows brackets welded from 2″ square section. The blade were stored under the lowest boat. Humidity was not a problem but light was. Some battery LED lights would be a good idea. Another container was used for equipment with shelves down one side and some cubicles at one end for changing. They served us well and when we moved to our new boathouse, we sold the container to fund a new boat.

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