One year training program for Adaptive Rowers

A giant thank you to Community Rowing Inc in Boston’s Jenny Sichel – she has kindly shared a full year training program for Adaptive and Para Rowers to use.  We have updated the Rowing Para Rowing and Adaptive Resources page with the link.

Winter rowing training adaptive
Winter rowing training adaptive

One year training program by Community Rowing for adaptive athletes.

Divided into 4 sheets, for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall the program is a GUIDE and she recommends for a TA rower, add a few beats per min for each workout, just to keep the heart rate in the same zone.  Each season is linked at the BOTTOM of the page.

Jenny – you are a true star of the rowing community – thanks for your generosity and for Community Rowing’s continued support for the sport.

Jenny Sichel Rowing Coach
Jenny Sichel Rowing Coach

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