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Oars on the water once I clear the knees

Since I have started to row about a year ago in my M1X I have been unable to row without … read more

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Since I have started to row about a year ago in my M1X I have been unable to row without my oars solidly

Beginner sculling in a stable boat Beginner sculling in a stable boat[/caption]

touching the water at the catch. It’s as if near the end of every stroke I try to do this and I can’t square up early because of this. As soon as my handles pass my knees my boat feels unsafe and wobbly.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Yes – you need to learn rowing drills

Wraptor Balance component parts novice sculling Wraptor Balance component parts

  1. buy some Magik Oarlocks as these help to secure your oars in the gates and overcome the ‘wobbles’
  2. practice making a bigger tap down at the finish / extraction so that you can then pause at hands away with the boat balanced and the oars not touching the water. This will help you get the right amount of tap down so your oars (if they were square) would clear the water
  3. do the Recovery Phase Balance Drill detailed half way down this article about drills for balance in crew sculling
    It will help you to get more skilful and more confident.
  4. Lastly read Troy Howell’s ebook on Achieving Ease and Comfort in the Boat  He is a MASTER at teaching this stuff. You can listen to him on the RowingChat podcast archive too.
  5. try rowing in a stable beginners boat again – or use a WraptorBalance around your stern to help give stability while you learn.  You can also go out with another person in 2x and get them to sit the boat level while you learn the technique – then row together, then have him stop again while you try it alone.
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