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Wraptor Balance


Wraptor Balance is a unique balancing device which provides a stable environment for beginner scullers.

It is easily and quickly fitted to any single scull or pair/double scull and acts like “training wheels ” but on water. Thereby converting the single to a training boat in minutes. No tools required. It is just as easily removed from the single for its next user.

By keeping the single stable the Wraptor will allow the beginner to practice correct movement and blade control while still feeling the effects of being “on the water”.

It is height adjustable (again no tools required) and allows for progress in the beginners’ confidence and developing technique skill handling the oars.

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Wraptor Balance Parts list

  • 1x sleeve to wrap around the stern of a boat
  • 2x moulded plastic pontoon floats
  • 1x connector over-arm
  • Package weight: 4.9kgs..
  • Package dimensions: 90cm by 40cm by 24cm.
  • (Optional) reversible fin for resistance training

Install the Wraptor Balance in 5 easy steps Read Installation instructions.

Easy to attach & detach, convert your racing fleet to training boats in seconds – and back again. It takes under 2 minutes to fit Wraptor Balance to a boat.

This ease of attachment and detachment means that it can realistically be used for short parts of a training session – for example to work on a particular area of the rowing stroke cycle in a stable environment before removing the Wraptor Balance kit and continuing the training session.


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