Oar Spotter the directory of rowing club colours

If you ever wondered how to design a rowing club oar blade paintwork, here’s your chance.  There’s a wonderful website called Oar Spotter where they have recorded every rowing club and their racing colours.

Doug Rathburn the courageous man behind the website has created sub-lists for you to easily find your club.

Firstly by country (starting with UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and Australia and then alphabetically.  Larger countries are sub-divided into Clubs, Schools and Universities.  Each club is helpfully hyper-linked to the club website.

And at the very bottom of the list is National Teams for all the international races, each page helpfully summarising the number of colours represented there.

Rowing Oar racing colours
Blades of the World

Rowperfect uses Oarspotter for our custom miniature oar designs – these delightful trophies and mementoes are custom painted by hand by Rob McCarthy.

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