Coxmate Manuals

All the Coxmate products have updated manuals.  Current models’ manuals are listed below.

If you have an older model not listed here, please go to the Manufacturer’s website page listing all Coxmate manuals with historic models’ manuals.

Coxmate 6 Watt Wiring Loom Brochure

Coxmate AA+ Manual

Coxmate GPS Manual and Coxmate GPS Quick Start Guide

Coxmate SX Manual

Coxmate SX Impeller speed sensor manual

Coxmate SX in boat quick help manual

Coxmate SX PC Analysis support manual

Older Coxmate Models Manuals

Coxmate AA Manual

Coxmate SRT Manual

Coxmate SRT in boat quick help manual

Coxmate HC Manual

Coxmate HC installation instructions

Coxmate HC PC Analysis support manual

Coxmate HC in boat quick help manual

Coxmate HC simulator – so you can see what it looks like and how it works.



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