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New Pitch meter app for Android and Apple

Beth Shergalis got in touch to let us know about a new mobile phone app for rowing and … read more

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Beth Shergalis got in touch to let us know about a new mobile phone app for rowing and coaches she just published – it’s a pitch meter tool and has some handy features.  First be clear, it’s available BOTH in android and apple so no whining, please.

Android – appstore is for US customers only, sorry.  It’s called “Pitch Meter Row”

Apple – Search the app store for “Pitch Meter RZ”

Nice features – it has a great carbon fibre background and starts with three buttons – you zero the unit on the central button then start with the left green one – when the unit reads the pitch steadily (it takes a moment to settle on a number) then you ‘lock’ the reading using the yellow right button and can move the phone to see the reading.   We also liked the notes which explain how to take each measurement – including careful explanation of the differences between spread and span.

Lastly it allows you to record the readings from a particular boat – great to be able to see what you set your boat up to (I seem to mislay the notes I take…).

Pitch meter app by Beth Shergalis

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2 thoughts on “New Pitch meter app for Android and Apple

  1. I noticed that Pro-Row have also released a pitch gauge (linked below) in the last Regatta magaizine, although I have to say Beth’s is cheaper and seems to be more fully featured

    It would also be good if in a further update it could auto-calculate span/spread if you input the width of the boat and the distance from the saxboard to the pin (gets rid of annoying and overly complicated maths in head)

    1. Thanks for that Tom. Agreed with regard to auto-calculate span.
      I’d also like it to automatically paste readings into the ‘your boat’ page after you ‘lock’ a reading.

      Beth says she’ll add suggestions to her wish list.

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