Mahe Drysdale’s training update May 2012


Mahe Drysdale, NZL 1x, is a Rowperfect sponsored athlete.

Mahe Drysdale at the 2009 Henley Royal Regatta

The last couple of months have been the ‘boring months’ but some of the most important of the year. Boring as in every day is pretty similar and with the volume of work I have been doing has meant I have been pretty tired and not doing much else but eat, sleep, row and ride.

It has been a very good few months and I have been very happy with my progress. The weather has been very kind, with glorious days and not too much wind or rain which has meant I have only missed one planned session on the water since early March and that was put to good use on the RP3.

Comparing erg scores to RP scores

I have been asked a number of times how I compare my scores on the RP3 to the concept erg.

What I can say is why would you compare?  

Instead I set it up as a single to feel as close to the boat as possible and then compare my splits to what I would like to achieve in the boat, I have found this to be a fairly accurate measure and my splits are within a couple of seconds to what I would expect on the water and my heart rate is about the same. The advantage is it feels much more like the boat and prior to receiving my RP3 I avoided the erg as it was too much strain on my back.

We are heading to the end of our time in NZ, we leave for overseas next week and are looking forward to getting over and getting amongst the competition. I must admit it was hard sitting at home watching the first World cup. In two weeks we will be a part of the next one in Lucerne and will get a proper gauge on how good the past few months work has been and what is required between then and London to stand on top of the podium.


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