NEW from Paul Thompson, a DVD on rowing and sculling


Rowperfect is offering Paul Thompsons companion to his successful book, Sculling, a new DVD.

Rowing and Sculling: Techniques in Action is presented by Paul and offers a unique opportunity to see the techniques of Britains best rowers in training and to hear tips and advice from them and their coaches.

Rowing and Sculling DVD Sculling Book

Here is the publishers information:

Illustrated with footage from the Olympics and the World Championships, it is an accessible account of this inspiring sport.

  • Explains through clear, key points how to improve your performance on the water
  • Essential viewing for coaches and rowers at all levels
  • Interviews from the leading figures in GB rowing
  • Produced to the highest standards with full play option and clear chapter divisions

Pre-order your copy today from Rowperfect UK.

Publication date is end of October. Price 19.99. DVD Region: 0

Rowperfect UK is offering the DVD for sale

DVD Rowing and Sculling 19.99 plus 2.50 postage

DVD Rowing and Sculling plus Sculling book 32.98 plus 3.50 postage SAVE 2

Pre-order today and be among the first…. just email us your order, postal address and phone number and well call for payment when the DVD is in stock!


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  1. Rebecca Caroe

    Just for clarity. This offer is for people who PRE-ordered before the DVD was published. Publication date was 6 November.

    Sorry if you missed the boat!

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