Tensioning Elastic Bungee in a Rowperfect

We had an enquiry from a customer about how to improve the recoil tension on the chain / elastic.

I have just moved and re-assembled my Rowperfect.  The chain return is very slow.  How should I proceed in correcting this.

John S.

Here is how to do it yourself.

  1. Take the main frame part of the RP off the bar.
  2. Turn it upside down and look at the bottom part between the foot stretcher rests where you can see inside.  There is a small horizontal bar around which the ends of the elastic bungee are wrapped.
  3. Using a curled wire (coat hanger) hook out the two ends of the elastic so they are outside the main frame.
  4. Using a pair of pliers, take hold of the end of the elastic and pull it firmly towards you.  The looping is designed to grip back onto itself.  And so if the elastic tension is weak, you can pull a longer end out while still leaving the loop intact.
  5. Pull out the other side so it is symmetrical and the tail ends are the same length.
  6. Cut off the surplus elastic and tuck the ends back inside the main frame.
  7. Replace main frame on bar.
  8. Row (perfect).
  9. Repeat until tension is as you desire.

Having said all that, it is good practice for a frequently-used RP to replace the elastic about once every 1-2 years.  When we service RP in the UK we nearly always replace the elastic shockcord.

Rowperfect Original Classic
Rowperfect Original Classic

Now, replacing the elastic is a tricky job and best left to the local agent.
or if you are feeling intrepid, here’s a detailed explanation on how to do it. Shockcord replacement.

For clarification – all these instructions relate to the Rowperfect classic (pictured).  The complete spare parts list download Rowperfect Component List.

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    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Noel I have messaged you direct. We have a few spare parts available but sadly this product is discontinued now and the manufacturer has decided not to continue supporting it.

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