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Coxmate boat speed measurement explained

I am reproducing below an email I sent to a top University and U23 boat club who are considering buying one.

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We have had a lot of interest in the new Coxmate boat speed measurement tools and so, for clarity, I am reproducing below an email I sent to a top University and U23 boat club who are considering buying one.

The range of options have some overlap between the SC and SCT units and amplification units and the speed sensor/impeller and the GPS. Ill try to clarify the different options.

Prices and options:
You need to have both a unit and a means of measuring boat speed plus optional software to do the analysis. Note, the software produces graphs of boat speed when used with the speed sensor / impeller but NOT with the GPS although all other data is collected, just not the graphs.

SC Kit (SC, microphone, carrying box, manual, charger and software) 545. [note you need a speed sensor / impeller too]

SCT kit (SCT, microphone, magnetic mount, charger, carrying box, manual) 470. [note you need software, and a speed sensor/impeller OR a GPS too].

Speed sensor and impeller for 8 147

Speed sensor and impeller for 4 115

Speed sensor and impeller for bow coxed 4 110

GPS 130
SC/SCT software 110

As ever, we have demonstration units available if you want to try them.

And there are some special prices right now to clear old stock.

SC kit normally 545 now 450

SR kit normally 335 now 280 (thats about *145* cheaper than other well-known manufacturers)

AA kit normally 200 now 100

Wiring loom (non-modular) for 8 normally 140 now 100

Here are the brochures for the SC and SCT

SC Brochure

SCT Brochure

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