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I need a crew training diary

We got sent this question from a Hong Kong dragon boat club – but the issue applies to … read more

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We got sent this question from a Hong Kong dragon boat club – but the issue applies to rowing as well.

Dragon Boat Races Stanley Hong Kong Dragon Boat Races Stanley Hong Kong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was hoping that I could hit you up for some rowing information that either you or your rowing coach might have. I have become co-captain of our dragon boat team and am looking to find some kind of team software or app, that would allow us to track erg times for a variety of distances, per team member. We usually do 1000, 500 and 250 sprints and we require that each team member do the required distance 3 times in a workout once a week and log all 3 times. We have just been doing this manually, but I’m sure that there must be some software that we could use that could analyze stats such as % improvement, overall fastest, etc.. Do you or your trainer know of any such software? Much thanks in advance.
You’ve come to the right place. We know exactly what your friend in HK needs.

Sportlyzer – a training diary tracking software tool. We wrote a review of it in our blog.

There are also ergo workout recording apps – but they’re for individuals not for squads.
We review a couple here – Apps for Rowing and Sculling.

Please tell us how you get on.

Any readers know of other apps?

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2 thoughts on “I need a crew training diary

  1. Sportlyzer does sound the best bet, you can set up a club, set tests and then the athletes fill in their results and you can compare them over time, you can also use apps like the sportlyzer own app to record and upload workouts, crewnerd is a good on the water app for stroke rate and also uploads directly to sportlyzer, or upload files from your GPS watch, it’s a really flexible system

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