The Best iPhone apps for Rowing and Sculling


Rowing Glossary – this slightly dull-sounding app is actually really helpful if you ae new to the sport and / or going to row abroad where English is spoken differently. £0.59

Record your ergo workouts

there are a host of related apps for this.  GoRow – synchs with Concept2 online log £4.99 is a tad pricey,  Rowing Stats also links to C2 logbook and is a more affordable £1.19.  I like the ‘lifetime meters’ record page. ErgLog £1.19  does much the same with ‘weight adjustment’ but has a ‘challenges’ screen for sharing targets.

Speed measurement

Speedcoach Mobile is just that – a speed coach screen to record your on-water sessions.  You’d need a good waterproof case for your iPhone or iPod and at £37.99 nobody has reviewed it so maybe they haven’t sold any. The marginally cheaper Strokecoach Mobile is £26.99 and doesnt’ do speed.

Ritmo Time by contrast is a more manageable £11,.99 and seems the equivalent of the strokecoach above.  It has a nice Eakins picture too – proving a decent American rower wrote the programme (not).Plus as a bonus there’s Ritmo Time FREE which re-sets after 100 strokes.  At least you can see it working.

StrokeWatch is a ratings watch.  Rather a lot to spend at £2.39 but it has its uses. and Stroke Rate does the same for £1.79 with rather less nice graphics.

Going more professional for rate and time are iRateWatch (£0.59) and iRateWatch Elite (£2.99)  have up to 8 lanes of split timing, crew naming and lap functions all exportable to CSV.

iStroke £11.99 is the one for the coach or coxswain as it does rating, time and distance based on the GPS distance the phone moves.  The author has a strong safety sens when writing “It is highly recommended you use a clamshell or other waterproof enclosure in order to prevent damage to the iPhone.  Rowing is a water sport.” Gotta love it!

Pace calculator

Splits is the one for this at £1.19 it costs but it has great utility when working out your target time / split.

Serious services

Gone Boating £1.19 enables you to log your location and time when you go out on the water.  You record your departure, destination and waypointsand links to Twitter so people know where you are.

Fun to have timewasteers

The Rowing Trivia Quiz £0.59 – gotta take this on training camp with you. iNterval Tunes allows you to mash up your MP3s into a workout with warm up, work session and cool down all for £1.19.  You’d need to know the intervals you wanted to work on for each tune in advance.  Beats mad Ergo Mania tapes and it got one 5* review.


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  1. Tom Carter

    You can get a rate/speed/acceleration app from the app store now, and best of all the programmer has provided it free! I havent had the chance to test it yet (need a waterproof case) but it displays the speed and acceloration of the boat which is useful and its also possible to sync your iphone with a coaches for instant feedback (although I am dubious of the range of that!)

    Its called irow pro, check out the website here:

  2. Tim

    Quote “We had a discussion with the Ritmo Time people and it appears that although their app was written to work with RP3 the manufacturer, Jan Lammers is refusing to sell the physical plug in that enables a phone and the RP to communicate.

    Seems they have had a professional falling out.”

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