More tips on improving the recovery

Sculling technique the recovery.

One of our most popular posts is about how to improve the recovery.   A reader asked this great supplementary question:

Sculling technique the recovery.
Sculling technique the recovery. Photo credit: C Dinares

How do jelly legs if the same muscles need to move you up the slide to the catch?

When the boat already has momentum from your previous power stroke, you will find that you can get forward movement up the slide without activating those muscles…

This works well at low rates, when you try to do it at higher rates, you have to use the muscles (a little bit) to get up the slide.

Therefore, our advice is to practice jelly legs at low rates – and don’t worry if the rate drops a bit while you’re acquiring the skill to relax the muscles when they aren’t needed. Then later on, try doing it at say rate 24 and see if you can still do the relaxation and maintain the rating.

Improve your rowing recovery technique

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