What makes a rowing champion?

  • Champions focus on the end result; they train with a sense of purpose.
  • A champion never thinks they’re working hard enough and want to do more.
  • A champion trains in the moment without thought about the next practice.
  • Championships are earned in the winter and champions are crowned in the spring.
  • Everyone wants to win but there can only be one champion.
  • The goal of a champion is to win and it is your decision whether you wish to pursue it or not.
  • A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.
  • A champion is someone who is bent over drenched in sweat and at the point of exhaustion when no one is watching.
  • A champion is someone who focuses on the process of becoming a winner rather than actually winning.
  • If being a champion is a choice then it is your choice to make.

Hat tip to Kayleigh Durm for the link


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