LiveRowing Erg app launches


Connect your Erg. The LiveRowing App is the latest rowing to hit our screens.  Currently in beta they are looking for indoor rowing people to test the app.  You need the PM5 or the Concept2 Cable (PM 3,4 or 5) to connect to the phone and a C2 Model D or E.

If you want to test the app tell them when you register that you can recruit a group of people to test it for them (this is what they really need!)

live rowing logo

“Race a Friend, Race a Stranger, or Race Yourself.” – LiveRowing

Race your friends on the C2 Erg

The erg is an isolated machine. Powerful in its execution to train, burn calories and give the athlete an incredible workout — it lacks a connection to its community. Like most exercise machines the computer (Performance Monitor) is centered on a time or a distance. Its users sit down on the machine, pick a time, distance or interval and let the pain begin! They complete the workout, peel themselves off the floor, catch their breath and let the endorphin release begin. Some of the Type-A users might take a photo of the detail view of the post workout summary, track it in a spreadsheet or the Concept2 logbook. Others lose the data forever.

Exercise is one of the most essential 30-60 minutes of our day. Why isn’t this data analyzed, compiled and saved for our personal record? More importantly, indoor exercise machines have a devoted user base and communities, so why is everyone siloed? Why not allow them to un-insolate themselves to enhance their exercise experience? We live in the internet of things; our phones, lights, thermostat, cameras – this list could cover this page. The exercise machine seems to be the “last man standing” in the world of connected devices.

No more Isolation

So, I am excited to reveal that a company in Colorado, USA called LiveRowing is connecting our community with a powerful app for the Concept2 rowing machine. Once the LiveRowing app is paired with a machine the user can challenge themselves, a friend, or allow LiveRowing to intelligently pair them with someone around the world.

LiveRowing allows you to set goals like “Row 1 million meters” or “Burn 3500 calories in 7 days”, “Row 100,000 meters in 30 days”, the list goes on. They also save the details of all your sessions to allow you to track, analyze and share your workout with your friends.

You will no longer be alone in workouts just staring at the Performance Monitor. You will suddenly be leveling up because you’re not alone; you’re held accountable and connected with someone who is also doing work on the other end. You don’t have beSA Type-A to see your stats, history and progress – just download LiveRowing. Set to be released summer of 2015.

Watch the TechCrunch video and the LiveRowing Promotional Video.  The TechCrunch vid better shows the app working live.

live row 500m
Race screen showing finish line data
live rowing dash
Personal dashboard goals
live rowing
Mid Race live erg rowing

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