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Join us – blogging on Rowperfect

Would you like to upload your rowing blogs and articles and share them with a wider audience? Use … read more

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Would you like to upload your rowing blogs and articles and share them with a wider audience?

Use the Rowperfect blog Guest Blogging tool – it’s WordPress and easy to use.

If you say ‘yes’ to blogging on Rowperfect there are a couple of caveats

  1. we proof read it before publishing please allow us time to do this
  2. we have a publishing schedule which runs about 2 weeks ahead of time so we reserve the right to move the date of your post around based on our other priorities
  3. you can add a brief biography about yourself and a photo in the post
  4. you answer any comments from readers on your posts and in Facebook
  5. if you offer paid services and you want to promote them using our blog e.g. training programmes or coaching, or sell a rowing product you do it through our shop
  6. professionalism at all times i.e. no swearing, be respectful to our audience & our brand and no vindictiveness against others.
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2 thoughts on “Join us – blogging on Rowperfect

  1. Hi All…..
    Some thoughts on rowing for the New Year…..
    First some background on me so that you will be able to judge my ability to speak on this matter, I am 74 years of age, Qualified Shipwright and boat-builder, Dinghy sailor, Board sailor, Cruiser sailor (Including transatlantic in a 40 ft Ketch that I built) and importantly for you folk I have owned a sliding single seat skiff for 25 years, and still row all year round mainly in and around Langstone harbour…..although I still regularly use my sliding skiff, this past 3 years I have moved into fixed seat Gig rowing and have introduced a rowing section into my sailing club (Tudor SC). This section is steadily growing and I actually designed and built a new 15ft. Gig during 2018……For your information Dinghy sailing is also on the decline and sailing club membership is starting to stagnate, you might care to look at this report which makes for interesting reading… ……
    I would strongly urge all those in the boating fraternity to look seriously at how they are perceived in the modern world, we have people in my club that resisted the introduction of the rowing section even though it has brought in new members and offers increased activities for the existing dinghy and cruiser sailors particularly through the winter months when virtually all sailing comes to a halt, luckily there are a majority of members who realise that diversification is essential if our club is to survive and the club has embraced Kayaking as well as rowing by building racks for the Kayaks and allowing space for the Gigs….The following example of the changing trend happened this boxing day, every sailing club that I have ever been involved in traditionally held a race on Boxing day, for the first time ever in the history of this club there was NO race due to lack of support, by stark contrast the rowing section put 2 Gigs on the water with 6 rowers….a sign of the times. I would urge all rowing clubs to look at adding in Fixed seat rowing, the boats can be put to sea in conditions that prohibit racing sliders, it is easier for someone to step into a fixed seat Gig than a slider, there is much less formality required in fixed seat rowing and there are plenty of opportunities to race in the fixed seat world.
    If you are curious enough to look at the fixed seat scene I would suggest you go to Youtube and search the annual “Thames Great River Race” and also on Youtube search “DUCANE 15” which will show you the sort of boats I am talking about. I do hope I have not rambled on to much here…I love you all. Very Best regards and have a great year of rowing.

    1. Hello Ian.

      This is a very good article. Would you like us to post this in our blog (without link)? Maybe we receive comments from other clubs and their experiences?

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