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Sudbury RC reviews Hyndsight Vision for scullers

Hyndsight Journey Kit Sophie Brown from Sudbury RC is a TA (trunk and arms) rower and asked to … read more

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Hyndsight Journey Kit

Sophie Brown from Sudbury RC is a TA (trunk and arms) rower and asked to review the new rear-vision camera for rowing boats, Hyndsight Vision.

I haven’t use any other equipment comparable to the hindsight system that what attracted me as reading about it’s use for other adaptive rowers in the US. I’m a TA rower

I did 7 outings using Hyndsight.

First impressions were good although did take a bit of getting used to.

It seemed quite easy to use however the setup instructions when it un-paired itself it wasn’t clear how to pair them again. [Note the camera and view-screen need to be bluetooth paired to work.]

I tried to compare the wide angle camera [Hyndsight Journey wide angle versus Hyndsight Cruz regular angle models] to the standard set up and found that the signal kept being lost on the standard system and didn’t seem to be for any reason I could see unfortunately I was hoping to test in a multi lane situation but due to late delivery I was unable to do this but it couldn’t be helped.

Steering is my main problem due to not being able to turn round enough to judge and my coach felt it did seem to make a sizeable difference.

There was interest from other crews with the club (masters single and x2) I however am impressed with the system mainly for the confidence to be out on the river without having someone on the bank helping steering and avoiding the bigger crew boats.

It would have been useful to have included some guidance on the best place for the placement of the camera.

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