How much does a second hand single scull cost?

The answer is anything from £400 to upwards of £5,000.  It depends on age and condition of the boat.

Paraguay womens single scull
Paraguay womens single scull (Photo credit: Steve Selwood)

In the UK here are great websites where you can buy and sell rowing single sculls

Sculling Boat Sales – the professional buyers and sellers of singles in the UK.  Ric Colborne knows what every brand is worth and will help you sell your boat and give guidance on pricing.  Better still, they will buy your old boat and refurbish it for re-sale.  Great service if you want a quick deal and cash.
Rowing Service Noticeboard – this is a listing advert website where you write what you want or are selling and hope that someone reads it and gets in touch.  Commercial sellers pay a small annual fee to advertise.  It’s un-moderated and gets a lot of traffic from people who know it – but not everyone does.

Rand Racing also has a free listing service for second hand boats on their website.  Since these guys are in the Thames Valley and also do repairs it probably is worth using them to appraise your boat.

They have a helpful Choosing a Rowing Boat guide and a Buying a Used Boat guide.

Clubs buying second hand rowing boats

Get yourself a copy of Mike Davenport’s e book “Buy it right” – written by a professional boatman / rigger who works in the US University boat club system, Mike really knows the detail of the issues and sets out a very clear 8 step process to ensuring your club buys the right equipment for the right price.

This is a reference book your club committee should have on their bookshelf (even though it’s virtual) because teaching new committee members how to choose and purchase equipment is a recurring job.

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