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How can I improve my erg score?

What is the best way to get good 2 km ergo test results? 2k ergo test You asked … read more

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What is the best way to get good 2 km ergo test results?
2k ergo test 2k ergo test

You asked about the best way to get good 2k ergo test results. This is the best way – focus, determination and a dedication to ongoing practice. Here is my advice on how to do this.

  1. Practice – you need to be very familiar with the rowing machine. Ensure your set-up is perfect – drag factor, foot stretcher height, that you use a machine that has been serviced and doesn’t have a slack bungee
  2. Technique – get a coach to show you how to pull the very best numbers. The places where you can gain include the catch (quick change of direction off your feet not pulling on the arms or lunging for extra reach), The mid-drive ensure your back swings dynamically to add to your leg drive.
  3. Have a race plan. Know the splits you are aiming for and practice, practice, practice. Know exactly how hard you need to pull to be efficient and have enough energy to match your target splits in each quarter of the race.
  4. Grow a training plan written FOR YOU. Our rowing coach experts are available to help you by custom-writing a plan to suit your personal fitness and target time over the appropriate training months from now up to your test. They will also give you feedback on your scores as you go along
  5. Pay for video analysis of your ergo technique. From the same experts.

Lastly, you could buy a book – Ergometer Testing for Rowing.

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