Help! I’m teaching novices how to row – where do I start?

A reader writes

Hi, i have just came across your website and am wondering if you could give me any advice. I will soon be taking over as development officer at my college boat club so will be in charge of coaching all the new rowers. I am starting to put a training program together for the other coaches and am wondering what you think would be the best part of the stroke to focus on as the weeks go by?

Hi  – you’ve come to the right place.

First question – can you get hold of Rowperfects to teach the novices? I just promise you they’ll learn faster on these.

As far as the ‘best’ part of the stroke to focus on, my personal view is this

  1. Teach the leg drive first (don’t worry about back swing or arms). Get the power first (you can finesse the rest later)
  2. Also teach them how to easy oars and get the boat balanced together while it’s stationary.
  3. Get the crews rowing square blade in 4s / 6s for the first 2 weeks. Go half and full pressure alternative for 10 – 15 strokes all the time. Teach them to work hard from the beginning. Teach them half slide, full slide and body swing (don’t bother with arms only).
  4. Teach feathering later as it’s pretty complex and detracts from the power when they first learn it.

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Do let us know how you get on.

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