The Biomechanics behind rowing drills & exercises

If you don’t know about the Rowing Biomechanics newsletter authored by Valery Kleshnev, you need to get on this mailing list. Although deeply technical at times, much of what Dr Kleshnev writes is very accessible and practical and so it’s worth joining his mailing list.
This month’s offering is about Drills and why to use them.

He identifies  different types of drill:

  1. Static Drills
  2. Dynamic Drills
  3. Drills for elements
  4. Drills for sequences
  5. Modified conditions (normal or with additional / less resistance for example)

As a coach you need to

Have a sufficient “toolbox” of drills , to choose the correct drill for a specific technical problem and fix it up in the most effective way.

Further he reminds us to

Always refer technical drills to the racing speed and stroke rate

If you want inspiration about new exercises to use in your own coaching or self-learning – read our post articles Exercises and Drills – scroll back to historic entries because there are some goodies in there!

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