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Help! My 2k test was not good

I did an awful 2k score ( think I was tired as have been training a lot) and … read more

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I did an awful 2k score ( think I was tired as have been training a lot) and now have a week before a 2k test
2k Erg Test rowing ergometer concept2 2k Erg Test. Image credit: Jersey Rowing Club
what’s the best preparation for the week ahead?

One week to practice for a 2k test….

  1. Make sure you get good rest, good nutrition and stretch your body daily.
  2. Write out your plan for the 2k test. Start with arriving at the gym, what will you wear, how long will it take you to do everything from getting changed, doing a warm up, a stretch. Add timings to everything. Plan what will be in your water bottle, what you will have eaten, the time you will eat so you have had a good meal at least 2 hours before the test time and are fully hydrated. Include a detailed plan of the actual race – how many strokes is your start, what rating / splits are you aiming for, where are your pushes, what will you do if the split slips off your goal, Print out the plan and follow it – do everything it says.
  3. Do you want someone “coxing” you during the test? Coach them in how to call what you need beforehand and practice it together sitting on a sofa. Get her to talk you through it as you shut your eyes and visualise yourself rowing.
  4. If the test does not work out exactly as you hoped, review the plan afterwards and work out what you can do better to improve your preparation, the process you went through on the day and during the race. Practice making those improvements. A poor test is not a disaster, it’s part of the process of improving. Learn from it and get better. That’s what successful athletes do. And it’s a very useful life-skill as well.

What other training are you doing during the week? I don’t want to suggest you do a ton of erg work when you have other sessions to do.

One preparatory session I’ve found useful in the past is 15 seconds at your 2k pace; 15 seconds sitting (just stop rowing and sit while the clock counts down) then 15 seconds at 2k pace; 15 seconds. Continuous for seven minutes.

This helps to sharpen your understanding of how hard is your 2k pace. And to fire up muscles to work for a short time. The rests seem easy at first but get harder as you get tired so it trains you to work hard through tiredness.

Best wishes and I hope you can deliver your plan successfully. [I do not wish luck because that is not what you need – you need to follow the plan and that takes mental determination not luck – never leave anything to luck on a race day – plan everything out and follow the plan].

Get rowing educated

I also advise you read more about Rowing Testing and Selection so you understand the coach’s point of view – what they are looking for as well as how to prepare as an athlete.

Learning more will help you to be a better, all round athlete.  Your program is not the only one in the world – read about others’ and learn from them.

The Rowperfect News Blog has an archive going back to 2007 of articles all sorted into categories.  Scroll down to the left sidebar and these are listed.  Find the one that suits you (like Rowing Testing and Selection) and the page will display only articles in that category.

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About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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