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Rowing on water; Rowing in the gym

Coming into winter means training time indoors when the weather is cruel to rowers. Make every session count … read more

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Coming into winter means training time indoors when the weather is cruel to rowers. Make every session count by using
Alan Campbell by Campbell by

RP3 for your indoor rowing.

Designed by expert engineer, Casper Rekers, this erg is a rowing boat simulator – that means the movements you make are nearly identical to your movements in a boat.

Movement pattern for rowing

Teaching and learning the correct movement pattern is a key to successful, fast crews. Alan Campbell’s coach Bill Barry told us that every time Alan trained on a regular erg it took two water sessions to un-train the movement pattern he acquired just from one erg session. Now Bill is a very skilled coach with an expert eye. His athlete, Alan is also very skilled and his technique is strong and has been reinforced by thousands of practice strokes.

Shouldn’t you ensure your crews stick to the same technique on the water as well as in the gym?

Every coach knows how tough it is to un-coach bad technique. It takes hours of drills to prevent the athlete reverting to bad habits. Set up your technique coaching for consistency on land and on water by using RP3.

Rowperfect UK sells RP3 and also coaching resources so you can learn how to get the best returns and train your crews’ movement patterns on land to support what you teach on the water.

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