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Head of the River Race report

We couldn’t resist printing more great quotes from Bill Barry the Tideway Scullers coach

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HORR over done and dusted in March – but it takes until May for the race reports to come though in print (RV ).

We couldnt resist printing more great quotes from Bill Barry the Tideway Scullers coach as recorded by Matthew Brown of Rowing and Regatta Magazine.

Mission accomplished

I think wve shown that scullers are not only better scullers, but better rowers too

We always thought we could take 10 seconds out of anyone.

This is the end of a mission for me, a mission to get the best together and see what we could do.

Its been enormous fun

My job was to retain their egos and divert their attention into the rhythm needed to row together.

Weve improved every day and this morning they were perfect.

Plus some lovely photos and interviews with Dulwich College coaches and visiting Italians from Canottieri Gavirate.

Regatta HORR 1

Regatta HORR 2

There’s no delicate way to put this. If you’re a regular Rowperfect reader, you’re just . . . well . . . smarter than most people looking to improve their rowing, sculling, coxing or coaching.

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