Know the Game book review

The UK magazine "Rowing and Regatta" has an article by Sarah Hope reviewing the book Know the Game: Rowing .  Part of a large series of "Know the Game….." books, this is designed to be a great introduction to the sport.

Sarah Hope writes

Every page is written clearly and has engaging photogrphs without overloading the reader with information.  One nice touch is that key rowing tips and surprising facts are highlighted in coloured boxes to make them particularly easy to absorb – who knew that China planned a TB reality show to select coxes for the Beijing Olympics?  I didn't.

Thanks to Wendy Kewley the Rowing and Regatta Magazine Editor for including mention of the book for sale on the Rowperfect shop.

Customers buying the book during May and June 2009 from the Rowperfect Shop can get free shipping worth £3.00 by using discount code "KnowTheGame" at the checkout.

 Know the Game book review

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