How Fog affect your erg training


The effects of weather on sport are varied very much. Some events will be unable to take place while others are changed considerably. The performance of participants can be reduced or improved, and some will show no effects. You should try it. Rowperfect has identified 3 places where erging in the fog is a real pleasure. Stay home fit and try for erging.

How Fog affects your Erg Training :

What causes fog?Fog and mist is when droplets of water become suspended in the air, basically like a cloud but at ground level. It is one of the most common weather conditions in the UK but also in other areas of the world. So when you put your erg outside, chances in the UK are higher than in in Southern USA or Central Europe. Northern Germany, Western parts in France, some parts in Holland and also in Switzerland are perfect for Fog Erging (FE)

How to prepare Fog Erging

Some events are called off when there is heavy fog. Not your training. Since you are home you will do it anyway. Fog is where clouds fly really low and is mostly seen in the morning. Best chances for FE would be in the early morning. 5.30 to 6.00 hrs.  So get your erg ready the evening before and place it in your garden, balcony or terrace during dawn. Hurry up. With fog and mist, athletes can’t sometimes even see their hand in front of your face. If you wait to long and the fog gets heavier, it will be hard to find the handle bar or your water bottle. Look at this video. Nice FE in early sping in France.

How fog affects your erg training.

Tip from the expert: Be aware of warm winds: Although warmer and strong winds often mix the air and disperse, fragment the fog, markedly warmer and humid air blowing over and along your garden might make the fog disappear and reduce your time on the erg.

Frank Mills, former worker on the Brent Oil Field Platform in the North Sea (UK) named his platform as the most secure place to meet the fog. Probably the best place to do FE.

Other places for FE in the world:

According Guinness World Records is

  1. Grand Banks, Newfoundland. Quora and other sources speak of
  2. Canada. St. John’s and Halifax’s
  3. Quebec
  4. San Francisco
  5. London
  6. Swiss Plateau Valley around Olten and Solothurn
  7. St. Peter Ording, Germany
  8. Po Valley, Italy

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