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FitClub on RowingChat

RowingChat this week is with the founder of the FitClub app.  Expat Kiwi, Athene McGregor Macdonald started the … read more

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RowingChat this week is with the founder of the FitClub app.  Expat Kiwi, Athene McGregor Macdonald started the app when she couldn’t find a decent availability management crew management software programme for her club.  Today it’s the most straightforward interface for a rowing coach and club.

The FitClub app The FitClub app

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Listen to RowingChat with FitClub

Timestamps to the show

00:00 Introduction and background in rowing

01:00 FitClub is a simple app for clubs and athletes to do availability tracking

04:00 As Captain of HSBC Rowing Club I found chasing people up for availability was a pain. Crew lists are needed.  Coaches get an overview.

06:00 Attendance Screen view

10:00 Crew lineups can be set.  USA Users have port and starboard and UK have bowside and strokeside.

13:00 Results – athletes view gives erg scores in time and also weight-adjusted.

19:00 Weight adjusted scored come from Concept2 website algorithm.  You can change weight into Lbs or KGs.

22:00 Data protection and privacy, FitClub is GDPR compliant.  You can delete your data and you can also download it for export.

25:00 What’s next?  FitClub will never be finished.  Boat Booking and results logging is next.

28:00 Get started and sign up by creating a club name.

31:00 It’s easy to use is my last bit of advice.  Save time, get FitClub.

Sign up to FitClub on their website – it’s free for RowingChat listeners.

Watch RowingChat with FitClub on YouTube

RowingChat is supported by – intelligent life insurance for athletes.

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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