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Repairing oar handle grips

What is the best way to repair foam or rubber grips on sweep handles? -Whats-the-best-way-to-repair-foam-or-rubber-handle-grips-on-sweep-oars”>Quora and I was … read more

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What is the best way to repair foam or rubber grips on sweep handles?
-Whats-the-best-way-to-repair-foam-or-rubber-handle-grips-on-sweep-oars”>Quora and I was intrigued that I cannot find anywhere how to repair sweep oar handle grips.  Now these maybe wooden, foam or rubber and each manufacturer has a different process.  So here’s the full summary information which was supplied by the oar manufacturers after we approached them.

Croker Oars Sweep Handle

At Croker we produce 2 different options of foam and rubber handle material, the the well know blue foam material which is hard wearing and lasts for many years (if it is looked after) along with the shrink wrap black rubber grip. We also offer a wood veneer grip which is cleaned in the usual way by using sand paper.

The main problem that rowers have with all rowing handles is that they do not clean them and then complain that their hands slip off. Most do not understand that the reason their hands slip is due to the residue of sweat and skin they leave on the handle after each outing. The other thing that regularly causes slipping handles is sun cream which they apply to themselves, as they should, but forget to wash their hands so end up applying a liberal amount onto the handle!

We recommend that people clean their handles regularly using Sugar soap and a soft wire brush – sugar soap can also be used to clean sculling grips but without the wire bush!

On the Croker website we have a number of videos showing how to clean and renew their handles

Our Shrink rubber grips are relatively new and require very little maintenance other than cleaning using Sugar Soap.

Fitting them to the handle is also fairly easy as once you have removed the old grip you paint a very thin layer of epoxy resin then heat the grip with a hot air gun and it will shrink down around the handle. We recommend that you then tightly wrap the grip with sellotape ( sticky side out) to ensure that there are no air bubbles.

Concept2 sweep oars

Foam and rubber grips cannot be reliably ‘fixed’ as much as replaced. They are a wearing part that are inexpensive to replace. Information is available


and any references should clearly state the source as “Concept2, Inc.”

We will be publishing a blog post on grips in the next week here at Concept2 [It’s in the link].


Sweep Handles and Grips Instruction Booklet

  1. Blue Sweep Grip Installation
  2. Green Sweep Grip Installation
  3. Microfiber Suede Patch Installation
  4. Retrofitting Microfiber Suede Grips
  5. Retrofitting Wood Veneer Grips on Sweep Oars
  6. Replacing 10 cm Length Adjustment System Sweep Handles with 5 cm Length Adjustment System Sweep Handles
  7. Replacing 10 cm Length Adjustment System Sweep Handles with Wood Sweep Handles
  8. Retrofitting the 10 cm Length Adjustment System Handles with the 5 cm Length Adjustment System Grips
  9. Replacing Wood Sweep Handles with Wood or Composite Sweep Handles
  10. Required Maintenance of 10 cm Length Adjustment System
  11. Length Adjustment System Schematics

IMPORTANT: If you would like to remove a bonded composite handle from a sweep shaft, please call Concept2 for instructions.

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

2 thoughts on “Repairing oar handle grips

  1. Dear folks at RowperfectI just read your note regarding fixing oar-grips. I use Concept 2 oars
    the ultra light ones. I find that while rowing my hands slide slowly away from where they should be. Are those Stampfli Grips preventing and profiled to keep the hands in the proper place. If that is the case I wish to buy a pair or 2. How much are they, how do I order. Please let me know. Thank you.

    1. Tom, no the Stampfli grips are not ‘profiled’ at all. They are the same width all the way down. Croker sculling grips have ridges to match your fingers. However, I use them myself and it doesn’t stop my left hand riding down compared to my right. The best fix for preventing your hand sliding down is to put a tight elastic band onto the handle near where your little finger SHOULD sit. When you hand starts to drift, you will feel the elastic band and that will act as a reminder to stop it slipping further.

      If you want to buy Stampfli grips they are here in our shop

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