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FISA adaptive boat rules discriminate

Michael W. Joukowsky the Founder/Owner Resolute Racing Shells Resolute Adaptive writes As you know, for the past 5 … read more

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Michael W. Joukowsky the Founder/Owner Resolute Racing Shells Resolute Adaptive writes

As you know, for the past 5 years, I have been advocating that the FISA adaptive boat rules are discriminatory, harmful in growing the sport and damaging to individuals. [They only allow one boat design / manufacturer in FISA events.]

FISA did accept one of my rule changes which was to increase the length of the race course to 2,000 meters, but as you know they failed in changing the boat.  We have tested our boat over and over again and you have seen it with your own eyes, that there is no loss of stability with any single and our boats.  I have proven this to FISA and yet they will not budge. 

I wanted to follow up with you about what is happening at FISA and hoping that you will support me in calling for change regarding adaptive rowing boat.  In conversation and email with Matthew Smith, FISA has decided that “Our conclusion is that we need a professional, third-party expert panel to guide this process and make objective declarations on safety.”   Matthew indicated to me that he had found a “technological institutes in Europe” to study the issue. 

One of the people I know that he will be counting on for testing data is Conny Draper.  As you know, in March of this year, Conny did a great deal of tests about safety of a single being used and especially Resolute’s Single.  Her results will be coming out soon and if her tests agree with my own and that I have been proven correct in advocating FISA to change the rules to allow adaptive rowers to use normal boats, will you support those findings (After review of the data)?  As Rowperfect represents one powerful voices in rowing through your work, your voice is very important to this process.  By the way, FISA has appointed Ellen Minzner to be on the working group on this subject.  Will you consider at that point to support me and the rule changes?

We need your leadership to make the change needed for all those who row and dream.

Yours sincerely, Michael

Resolute Adaptive crews WIN!

Two weekends ago, Resolute Racing Shells had another first.  Gold.  Here are the pictures of that event in our Resolute boat.

Resolute Adaptive rowing boat Resolute Adaptive rowing boat

Resolute crew winning Gold Resolute crew winning Gold

Ellen was there.  Tom Darling, Head of US-Para Rowing, was there as he was a part of the team that won this race.  This once again, proves that all people can race a regular boat and achieve their dreams.  But here are the facts.

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