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Enterprise Radio Interviews Space Saver Founder

Douglas Lumsden Douglas Lumsden, director of Space Saver Rowing Systems, recently went on a podcast with Enterprise Radio’s … read more

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Douglas Lumsden Douglas Lumsden

Douglas Lumsden, director of Space Saver Rowing Systems, recently went on a podcast with Enterprise Radio’s Eric Dye.
He was asked about why he started Space Saver Rowing Systems, and the innovation behind the products. Here’s a link to the interview and a summary…


Space Saver Oar Brackets Space Saver Oar Brackets

Starting SSRS:

Douglas went rowing one morning and found it overly frustrating that he couldn’t get at the oars he needed for the morning’s training session. Facing this common problem he invented a solution: the Space Saver Oar Bracket! That single development gave him the push he needed to start developing an entire range of space, time, and money saving inventions for rowing.

The first product:

The Oar Hanging Bracket was the first product in the Space Saver Rowing Systems line. With this bracket you can hold 16 oars in a small space, getting them in or out with ease. With oar bracket sales taking off he started looking for other ways to save precious space and rowing time.

Building for ease of use and quality at the same time:

Douglas says that the key to building quality and simplicity is testing, testing, testing. Prototype an idea that shows merit from start to finish and modify it to fit behaviours and opinions of users. He maintains a constant dialogue with rowers and rowing clubs to gain insight into new or developing products.

Space Saver Wing Brackets Space Saver Wing Brackets

Custom products:

Wing Rigger Brackets are a great example of Space Saver responding to customer requirements. Using these new brackets, the storage capacity of one boathouse can rise from 5 single scull rowing boats in storage, to 30.

The Mechanical Boat Stacker – their most recent product:

Clubs are large, but have very limited space. The Mechanical Boat Stacker Space Saver created is designed with that in mind, building for additional vertical storage over the relatively small horizontal capacity of a boathouse.  Now rowers can get boats in and out of storage with ease by raising and lowering stored boats at the touch of a button. It’s about getting on the water as quickly as possible, with the least amount of damage, and most amount of storage.

Storage = boat quality:

The way you store your boat directly relates to the longevity of your boats.  The development of Space Saver Rowing technology has helped many clubs protect and maintain their rowing equipment so it lasts longer and saves money for the club.


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