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Crew Watch is an app made by rowers for rowers that aims to solve many of the common … read more

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Crew Watch is an app made by rowers for rowers that aims to solve many of the common struggles associated with coaching rowing.CrewWatch app, rowing app

The Crew Watch team is comprised of Matthew Fournier and Patrick McVey, who have both been heavily involved in the Canadian rowing community for the past twelve years, as both athletes and coaches. During this times they’ve been a part of multiple teams and have been coached by some of the best coaches in North America. It came as a surprise when realizing that even these elite coaches have many of the same problems as local volunteer coaches. Wasting hours each day on managing athlete training and performance data. Valuable time which could be better spent focusing on their athletes.

Why do we need Crew Watch?

Crew Watch App screenshot Crew Watch App

With this in mind, Crew Watch was developed with the end goal to provide coaches with the tools to do their job more efficiently and more effectively. Therefore, allowing coaches to quickly and easily provide valuable feedback to their athletes, in turn, helping to produce stronger and more knowledgeable athletes.

To achieve this, Crew Watch provides a variety of coaching and athlete tools via iOS, Android, and web app. Some of the features included for coaches consist of a time trial tool that provides instant results with calculated Gold Medal Standard percentage, a training plan builder that is synced with the coach’s athletes, and training analytic graphs for each of the coach’s athletes. As coaches and athletes can be linked through their associated team, all information on the app is shared seamlessly between coaches and athletes.

For the athletes, the app provides a digital training log to easily share workouts with their coaches and get coach feedback, graphs of their personal training data, and access to training schedules provided by coaches that also include what crews and seat they are in.

Constantly working to develop new features and enhance old ones, Crew Watch aims to become the ultimate training app for both coaches and athletes that will help develop the next generation of rowing athletes.

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