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Coxmate launches low cost Audio

If your club knows the importance of clear audio for coxed boats we’ve got a treat in store. The … read more

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If your club knows the importance of clear audio for coxed boats we’ve got a treat in store. The Coxmate Audio is a compact waterproof rechargeable audio amplifier designed for on water use. It delivers clear audio and is designed for durability. It is equipped with long lasting Li Polymer batteries and a digital amplifier for energy efficiency.

Coxmate control panel Coxmate audio control panel

coxmate audio side view Coxmate audio side view

Coxmate has launched a low cost audio-only amplifier for rowing and dragon boats.  Featuring a powerful amplifier with a long-lasting battery, the small Audio pack clips onto a belt or an arm-strap.

Clubs who have migrated to using Coxmate GPS for their stroke rate and training data analysis, will only need audio amplification to create a product more powerful than the Coxmate SX (and cheaper).

So what are you waiting for?  Get in touch if you’d like to test one out.

All Coxmate products are fully compatible with NK (r) and CoxOrb wiring looms.

Details of the Coxmate Audio amplifier

  • Long lasting batteries: 12.5 watt hour rechargeable Lithium polymer gives ~12 hours runtime. Recharge time ~ 4 hours
  • Digital amplifier for increased run time
  • Automatic power down if speakers are not connected –voids accidental flattening of  batteries.
  • Automatic retention of volume setting when turned off/on.
  • Short circuit protection of speaker output.
  • Compatible with any of the Coxmate or Nielsen Kellerman ® speaker/loom systems, chargers and current microphones
  • Provision of socket  for connecting radio – enables coach to crew communication.
  • Integral belt clip for belt or arm/leg- strap available- mount.
  • Two way radio input for coaches

Full specifications and product brochure on the Rowperfect shop.

coxmate audio belt clip

Coxmate audio belt clip

Coxmate Audio input panel

Coxmate Audio input panel

coxmate audio amplification for rowing

Coxmate Audio

Coxmate says…

Check out Coxmate newest products, the Coxmate Audio ,the Coxmate GPS and the world’s best speaker system for an eight – Four Speakers and 6 watts of POWER for the best clarity and loudest volume so not only can you hear your coxswain but your competitors will be listening to them too!!

If you think our products are good then you will really love our prices!  Get two or three times as much equipment for the same cost elsewhere

Reasons to love Coxmate:

  • Coxmates are water resistant
  • Coxmates are shockproof
  • Coxmates use GPS
  • Speakers are 6 Watts so they won’t blow

If you’re a passionate Coxswain, you’ll enjoy using our equipment.If you’re a Rower, you’ll enjoy the quality audio amplification.If you’re the Coach writing the cheque, you’ll love the price.

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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