Coxmate launches coxless boat unit, the Coxmate HC


The Coxmate HC is our latest innovation and is designed specifically for coxless boats.
Lighter and compact, it mounts into your boat on a wiring loom that includes a neat on/off foot-switch as well as magnetic pick-ups for rating and the speed impeller.

Designed to fit the NK loom. Its software is the same as the Coxmate SCT so you can double up if you own it already.
We also sell the micro-impellers separately, and they work with NK although you’ll need to recalibrate because it spins faster than the NK one).

Coxmate HC for coxless boats; Coxmate Micro Impeller compared to NK impeller

Features Include:-

  • Configurable display with following variables: rating, speed, time, distance, av. speed, distance, stroke count, dist/stroke, heart rate & ratio (min/max speed per stroke)
  • Integral pick up for Polar Heart Rate monitors
  • Takes AAA batteries: approx 1.5 years runtime without backlight or approx 100 hours runtime with backlight
  • Substantial memory for storing data
  • Real time clock for time/date stamping rowing records.
  • Ability to display data concurrently on two HC units
  • Mounting bracket compatible with NK Speedcoach®
  • Includes auxiliary switch input, which can be used to start, stop and reset timer. Mountable for foot or leg operation
  • HC micro impeller dramatically reduces drag and susceptibility to damage and weed contamination
  • Optional PC link and analysis software is available

As ever, we have demo units available for you to try out. Please ask.


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