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Coxmate Improves speakers for coxed boats

Coxmate continues to innovate with improved designs for rowing. We have been working on making our speakers better … read more

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Coxmate continues to innovate with improved designs for rowing. We have been working on making our speakers better in two ways

  1. design of internal wiring around the diaphragm
  2. smaller, lighter and easier to fix into the boat

Here’s the detail

Coxmate has led the path into modular speaker systems.  Rowperfect is now supplying speaker loom systems that use their latest speaker design.

These are lighter than previous models and are fitted in boat with Velcro – no screws required.

Four standard kits are offered
With stroke sensor

Without stroke sensor

styVelcro discs for mounting speakers in boat and cable clips for affixing cables are supplied with all kits.  Eights kits are also supplied with a ‘Section Cap Kit’ for protecting section connectors when boat is in two pieces.

Why we improved the speaker design

Coxmate has been manufacturing waterproof speakers for nearly 10 years.  They have observed the causes of their failure over this time and have developed a new speaker which will prevent over 90% of failures.

The failures of conventional speakers are in the vast majority of cases caused by either the central part of diaphragm separating from the outer part causing water to leak in, or the copper wire which travels across the exposed speaker face losing its protective coating and corroding – eventually going open circuit.

Wiring loom improvements explained

The new speaker has no copper wire on the exposed speaker face, no wires penetrating the diaphragm and no vulnerable joins within the diaphragm.

In addition to a dramatic increase in life expectancy, the new speaker is lighter and can now be fitted with Velcro discs, supplied with speaker.  This enables speakers to be quickly fitted and removed – easy if you share one loom for two boats.

The weight of the new speaker is only 50 grams – compared to 170 grams for an NK speaker.

So what are you waiting for?  Janousek, Carl Douglas, Stampfli, Intersport Racing and Swift will all fit Coxmate looms if you request them!  Or buy direct from the RP store using the links above.

The new speaker designs are the same price as the old speakers – it’s not often you get feature improvments and no price hike these days!  Thanks, Coxmate.

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