Cheeky Rowing Tees

Even the sport of rowing is not immune to colourful fans – you know the ridiculous costumes sported by fan(atic)s who are suddenly extremely comfortable walking through the street with their undies on the outside of their pants and their face dripping with team-colour paint.

Our fans, however, are much more toned-down.  (Sigh of relief.)  We at Rowperfect decided it’s high time that someone captured the cheeky tees you see adorning contestants and fans alike at regattas.  Every Friday check out this space for a bit of rowing humour with an update on cheeky t shirts for rowers.

Note: These are real t-shirts, photographed at real regattas.  People actually wear them (we swear).


The text for the center shirt is:

Crew: (kru) n.l.  A sport practised in rowing boats where the participants willfully awake before dawn and run to training, where they spend one or two hours sitting on a a hard wooden seat, and pull oars to such a level as to cause their bodies to go into oxygen debt, resulting in the formation of lactic acid in their blood, which cause substantial pain and discomfort in all major muscle groups. This activity is usually performed twice a day in the name of ‘fun’, and is conducted under the demonic supervision of a person called the “Coach”, with the help of his trained servant called the “Coxswain”.

Have an outrageous rowing t-shirt?  Send us a photo and we’ll add it in a post!

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