Coxmate celebrates 10 years

Coxmate has turned ten and to celebrate they’ve written an Ebook – “The Future of Rowing”.  It contains ten interviews with ten people involved in

The Future of Rowing Book, Coxmate
The Future of Rowing Book

rowing.  Each brings an unique perspective – from the Chairman of Henley Royal Regatta to the umpire, coaches, a boatbuilder and a masters athlete.

These 10 different perspectives give great views back 10 years over the recent history they’ve observed and their predictions for the future of the sport.

Get your copy free Coxmate: The Future of Rowing ebook

The interviewees:

  • The Regatta Chairman
  • The School Rowing Coach
  • The Umpire
  • The Rowing Journalist
  • The Junior Coach
  • The Boathouse Manager
  • Mr Coxmate
  • The Rowing Retailer
  • The Boatbuilder
  • The Masters Athlete

Get your copy free Coxmate: The Future of Rowing ebook


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